How Submissions Work

Send submissions in digitally to
Writing submissions are allowed any day
up until December 15, and must be submitted digitally;
Visual Art entries are allowed until December 15, and must
be submitted digitally.
Every student may submit up to five (5)
works, each attached with a completed
submission form
if submitting art and a bio if submitting writing.
When the submission period ends, all works are
put through a student jury. We will contact you
with our decision. Regardless whether we accept
or reject your work, you will be able to pick up
your physical submissions at this time.


Art Submissions
Writing Submissions
Writing submissions should have
numbered pages and absolutely no identifying information.
For writing,  files must be either .pdf, .doc, or .docx.
Length should be taken into consideration:
– poetry (up to 5 pages)
– fiction (up to 15 pages)
– creative nonfiction (up to 15 pages)
– plays (up to 20 pages)
– screenplays (up to 20 pages)
*In the case of Writing submissions, information that
would be entered into the submission form can instead
be included in the body of your email submission.
This includes your name, major, year, email,
the title of the piece and literary form
(poetry, fiction, etc.), and a short bio.

Submission FAQs

What kind of work do you look for?
All media of fine arts and creative writing, as
long as it was created while enrolled at the
University of Tulsa. Work may be inspired by
the theme, or it may be unrelated.
In judging the work, we will place
them into the following categories:
Art categories: printmaking, photography,
painting, drawing, and 3-D art.
Writing categories: poetry, fiction, creative
nonfiction, plays, and screenplays.
What is not accepted? Graphics novels, academic
literature, industrial design, journalism, technical
writing, and advertising are
Who is allowed to submit?
Active University of Tulsa students, including grad students.
When is the submission period?
Any time up until December 15 for Writing
and December 15 for Visual Art.
Why should I submit?
Stylus is a chance to get published, adding a line to
your resume. Additionally, we award prize money*
for Best in Art and Best in Writing; along with prizes for First Place
in printmaking, photography, painting, drawing,
3-D art, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, plays,
and screenplays.
*Cash prizes are subject to change.
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